A Calmer Mind: How Microdosing Mushrooms Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

mushrooms raw and in ground form. Mushrooms help alleviate stress and axniety

Numerous therapists have proved that there are many positive effects of microdosing in the treatment of anxiety and depression. In anxiety microdosing, people usually take about 5 to 10% of a complete dose of psychedelic mushrooms. A full dose of a magic mushroom taken for a complete psychedelic trip is about 2 to 6 grams. So its microdose can be about a hundred milligrams. It is taken every 48 to 72 hours and has shown many positive effects on people suffering from stress and anxiety. It is the best treatment done by taking small doses of psilocybin or LSD mushrooms. There is an evident increase in the symptoms of chronic depression and anxiety.

How Microdosing Helps in Treating Anxiety?

By taking microdoses of psilocybin mushroom or LSD mushroom, people can experience a big elevation in their relief. They can get a big relaxation from stress and anxiety. LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamine, which is a hallucinogen drug. While Psilocybin in mushrooms is the active compound. Taking any of these has shown beneficial effects for anxiety treatment.

It also helps in increasing the problem-solving abilities in a person which is the result of enhancement of mood. This also leads to more creative thinking and productivity in a person. As a result, your mental health is boosted when the anxiety levels are reduced with the help of microdosing.

Mode of Action of Micro-dosing on Anxiety Treatment

Many types of research are conducted and still going on regarding the micro-dosing of mushrooms and their effects on different parts of the body. However numerous hypotheses have been considered based on the effects of mushrooms and their effects on the brain.

Psilocybin can easily react with the serotonin receptors. The main receptor with which it interacts is 5HT2A. This interaction causes changes in the serotonin levels which has a big influence on the treatment of anxiety levels. It also enhances the processing of emotions when it goes into the brain. It reacts with numerous cells and the receptors that facilitate emotions. So it can also lead to the treatment of anxiety levels.

Research Study:

Selective serotonin receptors are the main receptors in the brain used for controlling emotions and treating anxiety levels. According to many studies, it has been proved that using microdosing treatment for depression and anxiety is more beneficial than taking SSRIs. It is not legal in all the states right now. But is gaining more popularity among people nowadays.

Some states have accepted it legally where it is showing many beneficial effects on the brain and other body parts. This is because LSD and psilocybin both show life-altering experiences. Many people who have taken these drugs in a controlled environment or as a recreational medicine have described them as the best treatment for anxiety and mood enhancement.


Mushroom microdosing refers to numerous positive health effects. This is all because of the active component of mushrooms, LSD, or psilocybin. They are causing positive changes in your body as compared to traditional medicines. So mushroom microdosing can be considered one of the best alternatives for anxiety treatment.

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