5g LŪM Mushroom Microdose Artisan Gummies (0.5g each, 10pc)


Experience the natural healing power of mushrooms with our 5g LŪM Mushroom Microdose Artisan Gummies. Each gummy contains a precisely measured 0.5g dose of carefully selected, premium quality mushrooms that have been expertly crafted into delicious artisan gummies.

With a total of 10 gummies per pack, you’ll have a convenient and consistent way to incorporate the benefits of microdosing into your daily routine. Unlock your potential and explore the world of holistic wellness with LŪM Mushroom Microdose Artisan Gummies.

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Introducing the 5g LŪM Mushroom Microdose Artisan Gummies – the perfect way to unlock your potential and experience the benefits of microdosing mushrooms. Each gummy contains 0.5g of carefully selected mushrooms, expertly crafted to deliver a precise and consistent microdosing experience. With 10 gummies in each pack, you’ll have a month’s supply at your fingertips. Enhance your focus, creativity, and overall well-being with these delicious artisan gummies.

A nootropic is a compound that improves cognitive functions like memory, motivation, concentration, or attention.

Serving: 1 Gummy = Microdose
Contains: 10 Pieces Per Pack
Quantity: 1 Pack (5g mushrooms total, 0.5 per piece)

Ingredients: Filtered water, corn syrup (glucose), gelatin, sugar, sorbitol, MCT oil, mu.sh.room extract, watermelon flavor.

How to Enjoy

  • 1/2 Gummy – Feel the Vibes
  • Full Gummy – Illuminate
  • 2 Gummies – Enjoy the Ride
  • 2+ Gummies – To the Moon!

Try them today and discover the transformative power of microdosing mushrooms with LŪM!

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1 review for 5g LŪM Mushroom Microdose Artisan Gummies (0.5g each, 10pc)

  1. Aezaro777 (verified owner)

    LuM is amazing,
    I take it with Cocoa and its amazing. Relaxing; smooth always good.
    The Universe comes together as one . see the world from another perspective Positive VibeS .
    Meditation Music is also Amazing * * *

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