Small – 1/8oz – 3.5g
Medium – 1/4oz – 7g
Large – 1/2oz – 14g
X Large – 1oz – 28g

Hillbilly strain has been circulating the market since the late 90s. Over the years, it fell out of the limelight, overshadowed by more potent strains.

This strain isn’t winning any high-potency awards, but it’s one of the best strains for microdosing. The Hillbilly strain is rated as “weak” — producing less than 0.60% total tryptamines — which may put some of you off. However, if you’re interested in improving focus, easing effects of migraines, alleviate symptoms of depression, or have ADHD, read on.

The Hillbilly strain produces medium-sized mushrooms that are easy to cultivate, and yield prolific results.

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Weight 1 oz

Small 3.5 (1/8), Medium 7 (1/4), Large 14 (1/2), X Large 28 (1)

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