Micro vs Macro: Understand the difference in Mushroom dosing

mushroom processed for mushroom micro dosing . This picture represents difference between mushroom microdosing vs macrodosing

The Micro vs Macro dosing are two different terms we will explain in this article. Defining micro-dosing is a process of administrating a small amount of the drugs in the body. After that, we observe the changes that can be either Psychological or emotional changes.

Macro dosing is administering a large amount of psychedelic drugs in the body that will cause various changes in the body like hallucinations and other emotional changes. In this article, we will talk about the results of these changes. The outcomes of both these types of changes are very distinct and significant. In this article, we will be discussing the difference between micro and macro dosing. Their effect is micro vs macro dosing on the human body and many such things.

Understanding the Micro vs Macro Dosing:

  • Macro dosing:

In terms of psychedelics, macro dosing means that if you take it then it will result in drastic emotional changes. It is a dose that is between the heroic dose and a threshold dose. The threshold dose makes the perceptual changes noticeable and a heroic dose is a dose on which a person can be paralyzed and ultimately die.

  • Micro dosing:

Now if we talk about the micro dosing, it is the 10th or 12th part of the normal dose. Some of the classes of drugs that will produce a psychedelic effect were taken in microdoses. This includes classic and non-classic psychedelics. Classic psychedelics include LSD, DMT, etc. At the same time, the non-classic psychedelics include 4-AcO DMT, cannabis, etc.

Taking the microdoses of the psychedelic drugs will not affect your sensations like vision, hearing, etc. Moreover, it will not cause any emotional changes in the body.

Different Effects of Dosing:

Now we will be talking about the different effects of the micro and macro dosing.

Effects of Macro dosing:

  • Effects on Vision:

The first effect that we will be discussing is the effect of overdosing on Vision. The different visual effects are colour enhancement, colour shifting, geometric hallucinations, object morphing, and depth perception distortions. All these are the different effects of the macro dosing.

  • Auditory Effects:

The second is the effects on the hearing system of the human body. This results in Auditory enhancement, distortion, and hallucinations.

  •  Cognitive Effects:

Now we will talk about cognitive effects. The cognitive effects are related to your brain and mental activities. The macro doses will cause introspection, and delusions, and enhance music appreciation, sense of humour, and laughter. Moreover, it will affect thought and cause time distortion.

Effects of Micro dosing:

The micro doses of psychedelic drugs can affect the body in different ways. The main changes that occur after taking the microdoses are changes in energy levels, mood, mental health, interactions, creativity and


In this article, we have talked about micro vs macro dosing of the different psychedelic drugs. Furthermore, we have talked about the effects of Micro and macro dosing on the human body. In addition to that we have also discussed and defined what is micro-dosing and macro-dosing.

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