What is Mushroom Microdosing; why do you need it?

on the left , mushroom capsules and on the right are mushroom for mushroom microdosing

Mushroom microdosing refers to small doses of psychedelic mushrooms by ingesting a subperpetual dose of mushrooms to get the desired health benefits. Some individuals have shown improvement in their focus, mood, and creativity. According to a clinical study in 2019, researchers have experimented on 93 participants. All the participants followed the microdosing protocols and provided daily reports. Out of them, 47% of daily reports were given by the people who microdose psilocybin.

Consequently, there was a major increase in the relaxation, overall mood, concentration, focus, and wellness of the individual. Many long-term positive effects were also associated with the microdosing of mushrooms. It was conducted after every 6 weeks of microdosing. It led to a major reduction in mind wandering, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Advantages of Mushroom Microdosing:

There are numerous potential benefits associated with mushroom microdosing and some scientific studies have also proved that this technique enhances focus, intelligence, mood, and relaxation in an individual. Following are some of the positive results that were seen in the individuals who do mushroom microdosing.

  • Enhancement in Mood:

Some studies have shown improvement in the mood and sense of a person when microdosing with mushrooms. A study, the Beckley Imperial research program has gathered the antidepressant effects of the active compound of Mushrooms that was psilocybin.

  • Boosting the Cognitive Function:

An organization named psychedelic science organization has started research on the cognitive effects associated with the microdosing of mushrooms. This study has proposed that it enhances cognitive functions. The individuals have experienced an increase in problem-solving skills and creativity through mushroom microdosing. It was a great advantage for people who were suffering from anxiety, depression, or loss of focus.

  • Emotional Regulation:

The research was conducted by the Johns Hopkins Centre. This is the institute for Psychedelic research on consciousness. According to this study, there was a major impact of psilocybin on regulating the emotional changes in the body. It has improved empathy and increased emotional regulation. This was all due to the active component of mushroom which was psilocybin.

How to Do Mushroom Microdosing?

For micro-dosing of mushrooms, always begin with low doses ranging normally from 0.1 to 0.5 grams of mushrooms. This is done to experience the effects of mushrooms without a full psychedelic treatment. Always maintain a consistent schedule for dosing. Mostly Fadiman protocol is used for mushroom microdosing which involves dosing after every 3 days. Mostly dried mushrooms are preferred for accurate microdosing.

They are ground into powder form for accurate measurement and consumption. Some people prefer consuming small doses of mushrooms in the form of tea or capsules. You just have to ensure that you are hydrated and nourished before taking any microdose of mushroom which will minimize the risk of discomfort.


Mushroom microdosing has increased the cognitive and mental behaviour of many individuals. It has been evident from many studies that it has a direct effect on the major portion of the brain. This results in a reduction of mental health issues. Overall, mushroom microdosing has shown positive clinical advantages for many people.

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